Automating Test to
Real Device
Highly effective for any kind of regression, load, and various repetitive testing. G+AIDER recognizes images and automates based on easy-simple scripts. For more accurate result, G+AIDER tests on real devices.
Image Recognition & OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Recognizes the all target images of objects in games
  • Reusable the saved images
  • Converts the texts from the selected area in games (OCR)
  • Higher than 96% recognition rate
Blocky Script
  • Intuitive blocky scripts
  • Manages and categorizes the test scenarios by tabs
  • Reusable the written scripts
  • Importing & exporting script
Self QA Mode (Android Only)
  • Enable to control 3 different devices at the same time
  • Override: Resize the devices’ screen size and density
  • Performance measurement: CPU (Device/App.), MEM (Device/APP), FPS, and Temperature Screenshot
  • Video Report (include measurement subtitle) Excel Report
Record & Playback
  • Records gestures on the device and generates the scripts
  • Replays the recorded gestures
  • Enable to combinate with other automated test scripts
  • Supports all devices gestures
Device Mirroring
  • Real-time device mirroring
  • No delay in streaming
  • Tests on real devices (7 different devices at same time)
  • Support all Android & iOS devices
Test Report
  • Device information (manufacturer, OS, storage, and more)
  • Screenshots for each executed testing steps
  • Test report (success status, validations & errors)