G+AIDER Academic Alliance Give your students an edge in the job market by preparing them for the fields of technology and innovation in the testing field.
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Automation skills for the game testing of today and tomorrow

We work with leading schools and workforce development organizations to equip students and professionals with the skills they need for an automated testing world.

What will the students learn?

Testing Basics

Learn the basic concepts of Mobile
Test Automation

Process Understanding

Understand processes which can be automated associated mobile game testing

Automation design

Develop the ability to write automation scripts for testing

Best Practices

Learn best practices for implementing G+AIDER

Academic Alliance Benefit: G+AIDER

  • Member institutions qualify for free G+AIDER Education Licenses for 30 students
  • Members can add on products at discounted prices
  • Network of academic and industry partners
  • Promotional technical support:

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