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Improve Quality of mobile games & applications with New Automated testing SW


Testing phase for mobile games improved immeasurably with some new automation software.

Subscription-Based Software Addresses Functionality, Compatibility and Performance

AJU. QMS officially launched G+AIDER, mobile games & applications automation test solution developed in-house, on November 11. 


'G+AIDER' is a solution developed to support the best gaming environment for game developers as well as game users, as the name 'AIDER' suggests. It can be tested on a real device that runs a real game, it has the advantage of being able to run smoothly and pre-verify possible errors. The solution can be in two modes: 'automated testing' and 'manual test'. 


  • Automated Testing Mode: Automated testing can minimize the hassle of repeated test tasks and mistakes during testing. To make it easier for game developer as well as regular game quality assurance (QA) or players to write test scripts, we've applied the Low Code method using Blockly, a block-based visual coding editor developed by Google. This allows repeating plays to be tested more accurately without mistakes. Then, it is possible to proceed with the test in a record and replay method that can be reproduced repeatedly by storing the test contents as it is 
  • Manual testing Mode: 'Manual test' can be tested by switching the device screen to the full screen of the PC monitor. Game testing is conducted through device operation, performance measurement of the device during testing (CPU, FPS, memory, temperature, battery usage) is possible, and the tested game video recording and measurements are provided as reports, making it suitable for the use of compatibility tests of the device. In addition, G+AIDER shows in two different measurement, from device and application level, for CPU and Memory. 


G+AIDAR is divided into individual and business versions, and multi-device testing is only available in the business version. For the business version, up to seven iOS and Android-based devices can be tested simultaneously through automated scripts created during automated testing, each of which provides results for each devices. 


"During the three-year development period, we have continuously improved the completion of automated test solutions to reflect our customers' requirements, and through the beta test process, we actively listened to and converged on the opinions that customers provide during actual use and reflected them in their final completeness. "The goal of G+AIDAR is to provide more complete quality games & application to developers and QAs. So, they can provide bugs-free games," Currently, there is a special promotion for the KOREAN SALES FESTA, and the user can experience G+AIDER for $41 a month. 



About AJU QMS 


AJU QMS provides a service that automates standardized tasks of customers through a robotic process automation technology and automated testing services. Through experience in applying various industries, we are positioning ourselves as the best partner when customers needs the automating services. In addition, we are participating in the gaming and smart factory construction business contributing to the improvement of customer's work productivity. 


For more information about G+AIDER, please contact 

Jaesub Park 

Sales & Marketing Manager  


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