FLAW LESS MOBILE GAME Automated Testing SW for Mobile Games G+AIDER reduces your time and efforts of cross-devices and
cross-platform mobile game testing.
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  • G+AIDER Personal

    Easier & Faster for mobile game test automation G+AIDER is the ultimate self-testing & automated testing software. G+AIDER helps developers and QA for improving mobile game’s quality.

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  • G+AIDER Asset

    More asset to Unity developer You can use the G+AIDER key features in the Unity developing environment.

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Experience G+AIDER Pro for 14 days


  • Mobile Games Testing for mobile games, which requires the constant updates and maintenances
  • Test Automation The test automation is based on the writing scripts, and users can reuse it for other cases and projects. G+AIDER will find bugs faster & earlier
  • Multiple Devices G+AIDER tests multiple devices simultaneously without the performance degradation


  • Gamer Satisfaction G+AIDER helps you to develop the flawless games and to satisfy your players
  • Productivity Improvement Exponentially, increases your productivity with minimum resources
  • Real Environment Replicates a game playing environment and gets the most accurate result ▶ For iOS devices, it only works in Mac
  • check No need to install any additional program other than G+AIDER.
  • check Easy to write the automated test script (Blookly format and Record & Replay).
  • check Ready to test right after connect device. (USB or WiFi).
  • check Complex and difficult to install and to set the configuration.
  • check Require the program language(Ex: Python) skill to write the automated test script.
  • check Require to run the device inspector and hard to set the device connection.
Experience G+AIDER Pro for 14 days
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WeTest에서 최상의 품질의 게임을 위해 개발부터 운영단계에서 필요한 QA 서비스를 제공합니다. AJUQMS는 WeTest의 파트너로서, 저희 홈페이지를 통해 모바일과 PC에 필요한 QA 서비스를 제공 받을 수 있습니다. 앞선 기술력과 게임 테스트에 특화된 인력을 바탕으로 WeTest에서 제공하는 테스트 서비스와 툴을 이용해 보세요.

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    성능 테스트
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What Clients Say


We were able to quickly and efficiently train our testing team to create automated tests. G+AIDER saved time, effort, and resources. - A game developing company -

  • G+AIDER ROI 1,036 %
  • Time 67 %
  • Test coverage 72 %
  • Testers 3 1