FLAW LESS MOBILE GAME Automated Testing SW for Mobile Games G+AIDER reduce your time and effort of cross-device and
cross-platform mobile game testing.


  • Mobile Games Testing for mobile games, which are requires the constant updates and maintenance
  • Automated Automation is based on writing scripts. It is reusable so that it can reuse for other use cases or even other project
  • Multiple Device Test multiple devices simultaneously without the performance degradation


  • Quality Assurance G+AIDER helps you develop flawless games and satisfy your users
  • Saving Resources Exponentially increase your productivity with minimum resources and test various scenarios
  • Game Playing Environment Replicate an environment and a case of a user ▶ For iOS devices: Only works in Mac

How to use

  • Get Ready Run G+AIDER on your PC, and connect your smartphone G+AIDER use synchronous connection for faster connection
    • WIFI: Device for command
    • USB: Streaming for video
  • Creating Scripts Write automate testing scripts (device control, image recognition, function, and conditional statement) Basic programming skills required.
    • Intuitive UI and easy to build testing scenarios
  • Automated Run & Get Report Detailed the report are created on every run, which include screenshots, indicating what needs to be fixed.
G+AIDER Personal Easier & Faster for mobile game test automation With image recognition, our solution automates the same gamer actions as a human being. Optimized features for testing various genres of mobile games.
G+AIDER Enterprise For teamwork & Unity game testing Sharing your testing environment with others.
More optimizing features for Unity games.
G+AIDER Asset More asset to Unity developer Enable to use the G+AIDER key features in the Unity environment.